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ThriveCart Review: Great Checkout Software and No Monthly Payment

A quality checkout software can help you increase revenue and reduce tech headaches. Here’s what makes Thrivecart stand out.

Nick Wolny
10 min readAug 3, 2023


ThriveCart is one of the only remaining SaaS tools that offers a lifetime license option for a reasonable price. Image from the author

It’s the single most important web page for any online business: the checkout page.

When consumers are about to purchase from us, they have to feel safe and secure. As such, it’s important to have a solid shopping cart software. Payment processors handle credit card information securely so we don’t have to, and high-converting checkout pages are a great way to add more revenue and profit to your online efforts.

Thrivecart is one of the best shopping cart solutions on the market. In addition to dedicated checkout links and multiple payment options, the Thrivecart pricing is tough to beat: A one-time payment gives you full software access for life.

  • Thrivecart can be used to sell both digital and physical products.
  • You can connect to Stripe, but can also take other payment methods such as Google Pay, Paypal, Apple Pay, and, most recently, ACH.
  • Thrivecart recently got into fulfillment services as well with the launch of Thrivecart Learn, their online courses hosting platform.
  • Thrivecart integration is great. You can easily connect your Thrivecart account to other software tools and to Zapier, enabling automations.

Let’s do a rundown of Thrivecart’s features and benefits, along with why a quality shopping cart software should be one of your first investments as an online professional.

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Why Is a Checkout Page Important?

In digital marketing, we focus on three primary metrics: traffic, leads, and conversions.

  • Traffic refers to users seeing or checking out our work. This is usually measured in terms of page views or video views.
  • A lead is a user who has indicated interest in learning more. I…



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