Behind the Scenes of My ‘Pro Consultant’ Website Rebuild

Working with an agency for a custom website has different nuances. Here’s a postmortem of my recent four-month package with Civilized Savage, a web development company.

Nick Wolny
8 min readJul 24, 2023


A premium website can take your existing online efforts to the next level, but you need to be strategic with what you want going in to manage costs and ROI effectively.

One of the benefits of writing for media publications is that you get valuable backlinks for your website, making you more credible to search engines like Google.

As such, you can imagine my excitement when—after years of trying—I was finally just moments away from my debut article with FORTUNE magazine. FORTUNE’s Commentary column only publishes between one and three articles a day. It’s very competitive.

In my seven years of pitching media, which has helped me land about 200 unique articles and broadcast bylines in total, I’d still never been able to crack FORTUNE. Until now.

The day the article dropped, it likely was read by thousands if not tens of thousands of important decision makers, executives, and investors.

Unfortunately, I’ll Never Know

On the day my debut article dropped in FORTUNE magazine — and for nine days thereafter — clicking on any link to my website, from anywhere on…



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