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An Editorial Calendar Will Save Your Sanity. 5 Components to Include

An editorial calendar can help you take your content marketing game to the next level. Here’s what to include when setting yours up.

Nick Wolny
6 min readJul 27, 2023


An editorial calendar helps you break content creation down into small steps, which can be helpful as you find your publishing rhythm. Image from the author

Trend alert! Hustle is out. Focus is in.

An editorial calendar helps you organize your content creation process across multiple channels, resulting in more focus. When you have one “source of truth” for all your marketing materials, it’s easy to hop in and pick back up where you left off in your overall publishing workflow.

Editorial calendars are common for marketing teams and media publishers. But having your own editorial calendar as a content creator or entrepreneur also has its perks.

The big ideas:

  • Editorial calendars work for all types of content modalities, whether you’re working on blogs, video content, imagery, graphics, or audio.
  • A good organizational system will include solutions for content ideas, content production, and other project management tools.
  • Like other disciplines in life, it takes practice to publish content consistently. An effective editorial calendar ensures you’re developing good habits and being honest with yourself when you veer off course.

Let’s go over why you should consider having an editorial database.

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Why Care About Content at All?

Research shows that 72% of customers consume three or more pieces of content before making their first purchase. Quality content informs your audience and gives them social cues about how you work and what you believe in.

Content marketing is an integral component of many marketing objectives. Whether you’ve defined ’em or not, you have objectives. There’s a reason you’re trying to publish online.

  • Growing an audience: A bigger audience often means more opportunities. One way to grow your audience is by publishing…



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