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All 31 of Google’s ‘Rich Results’, Explained

Making a few tweaks to your content can transform how it shows up in search engine results. Here’s what to know.

Nick Wolny
10 min readJul 19


A snippet or rich result is when Google and other search engines give your web page more visibility in the results page.

If you want Google and other major search engines to feature your content, you need to talk to them in a language that they understand.

This language is called schema markup, and when your website or blog post has it, Google is more likely to show your content in what is called a rich result.

You’ve encountered rich results and rich snippets often; these are the cards, products, video previews, and related questions shown to you in your search results. Here’s an example of how snippets look.

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What to Know

  • Rich results get a much higher clickthrough rate using content that’s already on your website.
  • When your post has schema markup code, search engines have an easier time understanding and cataloging it.
  • Fortunately, you don’t have to know anything about code to start using schema markup; there are free generators online.
  • Google has over 30 types of schema markup, but many are for very specific types of web pages.

Here’s what to know about these structured data schemas, along with how to incorporate them for more search engine optimization.

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What Is Schema Markup?

Schema markup refers to structured data that search engines recognize. This data, usually formatted as a code snippet, helps search engines understand what your content is about. The markup formats for web pages have been agreed upon by, a collaborative global community of developers, webmasters, and tech organizations.

Schema markup helps search engines intelligently display relevant content. By adding schema markup…



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