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Planet Money’s two minutes of levity about an otherwise-nightmarish backlog

Source: Tom Fisk via Pexels

Whether you love or hate TikTok, a recent video from a media powerhouse might leave you holding the platform in higher regard.

TikTok’s limitations, such as max video length and limited caption space, force creators to bring both precision and wit to the table.

The app powers filmmaking at your…


Entrepreneurs are cancelling Amy Porterfield when they should be tweaking their own offers instead.

Source: Licensed from DepositPhotos

Did you hear? Everyone was cancelling Amy Porterfield last month.

Amy Porterfield is an online marketing expert with a popular podcast and a substantial audience. She’s been in the business of online business for years. Prior to doing her own thing, she directed content for Tony Robbins.

Amy’s team is…


The smarter and more educated you are, the bigger these obstacles get.

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4.3 million Americans quit their jobs this past August alone — the highest monthly resignation numbers in two decades — and the data signals a tectonic shift in what professionals want to do next in their careers.

Remote work is the future. Workers now know this, and much to the…

Creator Economy

The course platform is prepping for an IPO. Creators should proceed with caution.

Source: Public Domain via

Create an online course, put it on a marketplace like Udemy or Skillshare, let the tech platform do all the marketing, and ride off into the sunset with the passive income. That’s how this creator economy thing works… right?

Not exactly. Earlier this week, exclusive reporting came out from The…


These offer types are popping up everywhere.

Source: Licensed from DepositPhotos

Are you an online entrepreneur who likes to keep up on the latest trends?

Does the idea of selling your smarts in new, lucrative ways interest you or excite you?

The pandemic economy has dramatically changed commerce. Even if you’re an entrepreneur who sells services or information and have avoided…


Building your following on these platforms alone is a bad idea.

Screenshot from the author

I pump my fists every time Facebook, Instagram, and/or WhatsApp go down — which seems to be often these days.

When I first wrote about Facebook going down back in 2019 for Entrepreneur magazine, it felt like a blip on the radar. It was one of those unfortunate doomsday situations…

Online Business

Launches take practice, but are powerful when wielded well.

Source: Licensed from DepositPhotos

One could say I am marketer Derek Halpern’s “grandbaby” — even though he and I have never spoken.

Derek coached a former business coach of mine. And there was one piece of advice Derek gave my coach that transformed his online business:

“Launch something every month of the year.”



The entrepreneur life isn’t all Lamborghini selfies.

Image from the author

I was obliquely familiar with pain up until this point because the bulk of my online business relates to writing.

I knew of pain. But I didn’t know pain directly. At least, not like this. Chronic pain is forcing me to flip my entire business model upside-down.

Normally, pain and…

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