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Nick Wolny
VIP Contributor @ Entrepreneur, Fast Company, NBC, FOX, CBS. Research-minded content on behavior, media, & online business.

Would “re-cubicling” yourself be your next best career move?

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Now that employers are (cautiously) rolling out their reopening plans, professionals are deciding whether or not they want to continue working from home — as well as how to negotiate these arrangements.

The Great Resignation is in full swing, with 4 million Americans quitting their jobs in April 2021 alone. A survey from conducted last month found that an astonishing 95% of workers are considering changing jobs. …

Work Smarter

Make email to-dos a quick, painless process.

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In online business, you can always make more money. But you can’t make more time.

Time is precious. Focused time is even more precious. If you could find and capitalize on two or three focused time blocks each week, a successful side hustle or full-time online business is closer than you think.

Let’s get on the same page one more time about why you want this.

  • You want to make money online to augment your income and have a higher quality of life.
  • Or perhaps you’re tired of corporate life and ready to go after being your own boss.
  • Or…


Get out of your head and start pitching the big stuff

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Do you read articles in fancy media outlets or industry magazines and think to yourself, “I could totally see myself writing something this one day?”

Are you looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and convince readers that you are a credible authority in your field?

Writing articles for big media publications can take your reputation to the next level.

Over the last few years, contributing regularly for places like Entrepreneur and Fast Company has helped me raise my rates, land bigger clients, and grow my business. …


Use “friend lists” to reap the benefits of the personal profile algorithm without irking your family or friends

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If my Facebook profile were a kid, it would have gotten its driver’s license today. Sixteen years. I’ve been on Facebook for sixteen years, y’all. It grosses me out a little.

The day I signed up for Facebook, some of the writers on this platform were still in diapers. I had Facebook for five years before the like button was even invented. Anyone else remember that?

My friend list has become a crazy mishmash of past and present connections. Perhaps yours has too. …

Digital Life

Weighing a new GLAAD report against the queer experience

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I’m worried — but not for reasons you might think.

Last month saw the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) release its first-ever Social Media Safety Index. As CEO Sarah Kate Ellis notes in the report’s press release, the original intention of the research was to grade five of the most popular social media platforms on safety and inclusion for queer people. When researchers realized their criteria would lead to every platform receiving a failing grade, they reworked the results into more of an industry report with recommendations for improvement.

The report is a call-to-arms to big tech, a…

How to make progress when “The Zone” is a distant, aspirational fantasy

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Interesting coincidence: All my 1-on-1 clients have babies at the moment.

The youngest child making cameos on our Zoom calls is about six weeks old. Others are either infants or toddlers. All of them are absolutely adorable.

I’m not a parent myself, but when you become one I imagine your benchmarks for productivity and focus quickly get flipped upside-down.

In one recent client conversation, we joked back and forth about the challenges of working in this so-called “high-interruption” environment. …


Thinking is a double-edged sword.

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Are you curious about the creator economy, but find yourself getting stuck or stopped when it’s time to make decisions?

Do you feel like your brain is buzzing with ideas around how to make money online, leaving you excited — but also unable to focus?

If you’re smart and/or ambitious, online business and the overall creator economy could be your opportunity to flourish.

To do so, however… you’ll have to get out of your own head first. Let’s discuss how to spot some of the most common obstacles to getting started online — and how to overcome them.

Why smart, ambitious people often struggle in online business

Creatives and…

Entrepreneurship | Longform

And why most people give up on it

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Are you thinking of starting an online business or side hustle? Does the creator economy excite you and inspire you to get paid for your expertise and imagination?

An email list may be the perfect approach for you. That being said, there are strategies you may want to keep in mind so you don’t get discouraged along the way.

In this longform post, we’ll talk through everything you need to go from zero to your first 1,000 subscribers and beyond.

Why it’s not too late to start growing an email list

I know it’s not too late to start growing an email list because I’m doing it now after procrastinating on…


Preserve what matters at all costs

Naomi Osaka at Roland Garros in 2016. License via Creative Commons

Tennis star Naomi Osaka just announced she won’t be speaking to press at the French Open next week. The decision, technically a contract violation, will likely accrue thousands of dollars in fines over the course of the tournament. It’s a controversial move — and I am totally into it.

Osaka announced her decision in an Instagram post, which also included two now-famous interview clips of Venus Williams and Marshawn Lynch, respectively.

Nick Wolny

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